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5Spice Analysis Serial !!INSTALL!!


5Spice Analysis serial

When a user clicks the 5Spice Analysis exe file, the 5Spice Analysis windows will pop up as shown in Figure 5.1. The interface is divided into three parts: Run, Analyze, and Help. 2 3 4 5 Figure 5.1 5Spice Analysis windows 5Spice Analysis exe windows Once 5Spice Analysis is started, a default run is done as shown in Figure 5.2. During this default run, the SPICE interface is created and the impedance data of the system components are plotted. To get the SPICE interface, in Figure 5.2 the SPICE simulation with the default run was stopped. Figure 5.2 SPICE interface Default run The default run is similar to SPICE simulation in that the program is used to analyze an existing SPICE file that is loaded into the system during the default run. The user can select a plot in the SPICE interface to get a plot of the impedance data. The 5Spice Analysis default run is the easiest way to analyze a SPICE file. 5Spice Analysis help window After the user runs the 5Spice Analysis default run, the plot that the user wants is shown in Figure 5.3. On the bottom of the Figure 5.3 is a link called the 5Spice Analysis help window that will open a tutorial guide that walks the user through the simulation process. After the 5Spice Analysis default run is completed, the user is directed to the 5Spice Analysis help window. Figure 5.3 Default plot Help window The 5Spice Analysis help window consists of three sections. The first section of the help window has the basic functionality that the user needs to know. It includes the basic information for the 5Spice Analysis, how to open a new file, how to save the 5Spice Analysis results, and how to change the system information. The second section of the help window is a tutorial that walks the user through the process of running a 5Spice Analysis. It has five sections: 5Spice Analysis input file Using a 5Spice Analysis result file is much simpler than using the default run since the user does not have to create the plot from scratch. To select a result file, click the 5Spice Analysis exe file. The 5Spice Analysis result file that is selected is loaded into the system and becomes the default plot. The default plot is similar to the plot shown in Figure

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5Spice Analysis Serial !!INSTALL!!

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